Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress
Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress
Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress
Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress
Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress

Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress

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The Kasuri Nehru Ikat Dress is a simple but sophisticated shirtdress. This slightly fitted silhouette looks fabulous worn open as a duster or belted and cinched at the waist. Made from handwoven mid-weight cotton in a complex, Japanese inspired Kasuri double Ikat pattern. This rich, artisan textile is stylish, heirloom quality  and will  be worn and passed down for generations. 

  • Center front placket with hand beaten brass buttons
  • Full length sleeves and side seam pockets. Self fabric sash is included.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Gentle wash separately in cold water (do not soak) HAng Dry
  • Origin: Telangana, India


                 Bust.             Waist                Hip                         Length front       
S/M            40 in.              40 in.           43 in.                      45 1/2 in.
M/L            43  in.              43  in.         46 in.                       46 1/2 in.

Textile Story

Hand dyed and woven by a group of specialised ikat master artisans in one of India's ikat centers; Hyderabad in Telangana State (formerly Andhra Pradesh). Ikat is an ancient dyeing and weaving process found around the world, including India, Japan, China and Central Asia. Ikat refers to the dyeing process, whereby prior to dyeing, the yarn is meticulously tied with string (or another material) in pre-determined locations then dyed, resulting in tied areas resisting the dye.  

Our cloth is a double ikat - meaning both weft and warp yarns are dyed this way; a particularly complex process, as the dyed patterns on warp and weft must align during weaving. There are only a few places in the world that create double ikat including: Okinawa; Tenganan village, Bali; and Patan, Gujarat.

While Indian ikat generally favors bold colors and larger motifs, for this collection, our weaving partners have looked to traditional Japanese kasuri ikat for inspiration. Kasuri, meaning "rubbed", refers to the blurred edges of patterns and most frequently consists of small, geometric repeat designs dyed in indigos, whites and browns. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.

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