Multi-Button Heritage Kurti Tunic

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This stunning, heritage Kurti is the clothing item that first captured our eye and ultimately propelled us into the clothing business. We were antique dealers when we discovered this heritage tunic with 13 delicate, mother-of-pearl buttons and beautifully smocked yoke. When we offered it to our customers, the response was overwhelming. After almost a decade this remains a consistent classic for us. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry on low. Iron if desired. (We like ours washed and natural)
  • Hand-Embroidered in India 

The Kurti (Kurta) has been a style staple of the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Simple cuts with elaborate, decorative embellishments make them versatile and naturally beautiful. The white cotton version is especially valued for its ability to reflect sunlight (thus heat) and is appreciated for recognizable regional techniques. Embroidery styles are often named after the region from where the embroidery style or pattern originated. 

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