Huge Tuareg Tribe Talisman
Huge Tuareg Tribe Talisman
Huge Tuareg Tribe Talisman

Huge Tuareg Tribe Talisman

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This contemporary Talisman from the 1970's was handmade by an artisan from Agadez, Tscherot Tuare. The form is a protective talisman worn by tribal members.

The individualized and unique decorative details give each piece a timeless beauty.

Tuareg culture is rich in history and tradition.  A semi-nomadic Berber people, the Tuareg inhabit a large area of the middle and western Sahara and travel throughout Algeria, Mali, Niger and as far as Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Nigeria.

Tuareg people don’t perceive the Sahara as one desert, but as many.  They call the Sahara “Tinariwen” which means “the deserts”.  

Extraordinary silversmiths, the Tuareg produce some of the most unique silver jewelry  in the world.

  • Vintage from the 1970s
  • Materials: Bronze, Copper, Leather, Silver
  • The Tuareg: Nomadic Silver Craftsmen of Africa

Curated, one of a kind pieces from our Heritage Collection are often considered heirloom and museum quality. You will enjoy learning more about this piece of cultural history and as you wear it new information will come to you from admirers and collectors alike.

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