Vintage India - Heather Haase

Vintage India - Heather Haase

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Silver pendant from India, vintage African trade beads, coral bead from Nepal, emeralds, Djenne beads from Mali, carved Rubies, Kyanite, Czech glass

Over the years of collecting, every time I can afford the pendant like the one in this necklace I go for it!!!  Exquisite detail with bird carvings and the shape is so flattering on the neck.  I went for color drama in this one!! This could be an everyday piece!

Atlanta Artist, Heather Haase has loved and collected beads as far back as her memories take her.  “It has always been a fascination for me to learn about other cultures. I felt the connection with the people that had the beads before me.  When I was 10 years old, a woman named Lavinia opened a store in my hometown with beads she had bought on a trip to Africa. It was 1970.  The beads were the real deal and I was hooked.  I made necklaces in college for friends and continued to make jewelry in my early twenties until it became my career. Sourcing global goods is my obsession and color is my artistry. I'm passionate about design. I strive to create something unexpected that honors past cultures. It can take days for me to try different combinations until I get the perfect balance.  Earth tones are my base and jewel tones are the highlights always staying in harmony with nature. I weave, stitch and string cultures together into one-of-a-kind pieces that have timeless beauty and style. Bringing the world together one bead at a time.”

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