Boiled Merino Wool Cape hip length and long
Boiled Merino Wool Cape hip length and long
Boiled Merino Wool Cape hip length and long

Boiled Merino Wool Cape hip length and long

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The Boiled Wool Cape is a perfect compliment for any body type. These stunning piecea mix heritage patterns and arrays of colors to lift your mood and add color and warmth to your winter wardrobe. These capes have a beautiful tailored edge, which makes it comfortable to wrap around and the capes are reversible! Both lengths have pockets for extra warmth!

The Long Cape measures 60" length, cascading 35" from neck to hips at the back and 25" at the front; width extended to 55"." )

The Hip Length Cape measures 50" length, with 29" back-to-hip and 21" front; 48" width.

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Made in India


 What is Boiled Wool ?

Boiled wool is sheep wool, which is shrunk in very hot water. Once it goes through the shrinking process it gets a felt-like consistency, which makes the wool soft, warm and lightweight. When wool is boiled, thousands of tiny air bubbles are trapped in the material. They form a natural barrier against hot and cold temperatures, producing a unique, natural feeling of snugness. Boiled wool is wind resistant, lighter in weight and not itchy like regular wool.

How to wash for your Boiled Wool Cape ?

A lot of our customers ask us how they can clean boiled without damaging the natural fibers, Since Boiled wool is a purely natural product; it should be cleaned very gently. The natural wax in wool, lanolin, envelops every single wool fiber, protecting it against dirt and harsh environments. This natural protection is what makes all woolen products so easy to care for.

If your piece gets dirty, it is fine to simply shake or brush it out very carefully. If it needs washing, then we recommend that you hand wash or dry clean only. If you prefer to hand wash then it is best to clean it gently and use a mild wool-washing detergent this will help the wool maintain its natural colors and not pill.

When washing boiled wool, do not wring, squeeze or rub the fabric. Simply press it out gently and only leave it in the water for a short time. To dry, spread it out flat on a terry towel and dry flat. Never put it in a dryer.


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