ANU Lightweight Wool Embroidered Ruana Riviera/Persia

ANU Lightweight Wool Embroidered Ruana Riviera/Persia

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Wrap yourself in beauty and tradition. Richly embroidered on featherweight wool, these gorgeous, roomy ruanas create instant style over your favorite pieces. LIght enough for summer events, cool evenings, mountain nights and coveted for train travel by our friends who insist they serve double duty as throw and accessory, you'll love the heritage beauty, design and comfort of these heritage pieces.  

    • 100% Lightweight Wool
    • Imported
    • Heritage Product
    • Dry Clean 

Worn over jeans and a tee, or over your most luxurious pieces, the ruana has the power to transform your look and take you anywhere from the most casual gathering, to elegant, once-in-a-lifetime events. Pack and travel this piece and be prepared for compliments from strangers wherever you wander.    

Ruana, meaning "land of blankets" is a poncho style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Venezuela and Columbia. 

Ruanas and similar wraps are made by and treasured by many cultures around the world for both function and beauty. This simple wrap can transform a look and communicate clues about cultures, traditions, techniques, and environments.

The ruana in India showcases elaborate embroidery and incorporates colors and patterns unique to and valued by a particular artisan community or area.

It slips on and stays put showcasing the festive colors and artful pattern. Layer it as a shawl, drape it across the shoulders as a wrap, or belt it. Beautiful embroidery and fringed trim complete the popular look.


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